Fine Jewelry Designers Every Woman Should Know


When I first laid eyes on this line, I said to myself – ‘yes, PLEASE!’. Before even getting into the material or how it was made, I was completely drawn in by every single piece. I don’t think this collection has anything I wouldn’t be excited to wear. Rebecca Mir Grady’s designs are timeless yet contemporary, and the minimalistic use of metals and stones is full of character. I’ve always been one for beauty in the imperfect, and Rebecca Mir Grady accomplishes this so perfectly in many of her pieces, including the lovely Odessa Ruby Necklace I’m wearing here. The ruby stone is centered in a sterling silver carved disk with a 14k yellow gold ring, and the uneven edges & indentations within the pendant give it so much charm! You can bet I’ll be wearing this a ton for years to come. {I think I have 3 Fair OOTDs I have yet to edit with it featured!}



This one might be very obvious, but the aesthetic of this jewelry collection is lovely. It really is meant to be worn everyday with anything you have in your closet. The simplicity is what your capsule wardrobe is calling for! When designing, Bayoush is inspired by her Ethiopian heritage where she has learned beauty dances between the simple and the complex. She is also inspired by the natural world, and uses texturing and manipulation techniques to mimic nature. You can easily see this portrayed in some of the materials she chooses like birch bark and feathers.

ethical jewelry


Traveling to remote regions to partner with local designers and artisans, women-team Amelia Tonelli and Rachel Widmark are truly bringing us something special for our conscious jewelry boxes. Besides wanting to share stunning traditional crafts with us, Fernweh gives back to the countries they work with through micro-loans for the local women. For both the Pakistan and the Mexico Collection, 2.5% of sales are reinvested into these loans.


It’s a question I get a lot – ‘where can I find fine jewelry that is either responsibly-made or fair trade?’. It’s easy to find your everyday {ethical} statement jewelry, but a timeless piece with those same values made from some of the finest materials our planet has to offer can be a bit more difficult to come across. Whether you are looking for wedding rings or a piece to keep with you a lifetime, these 10 collections are sure to bring you some major heart eyes.